Eva Duplan Illustrations

A Fashion Illustrator and Gallery Attendant at the Fashion Art Network working my way through life in Dallas, TX.
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Had a fun time hanging out with my new blogger friends! You can check it out on my Blog!

Wore a skirt from eShakti and a shirt from Ross with Payless shoes. 

I had a wonderful time with some wonderful ladies tonight! Read all about it on my Blog!

I have a blog now! Well, one outside of Tumblr, at least. I’m working on building it, and treating it more like a journal as opposed to a stream of pictures like Tumblr usually is for me. 

Check it out! 

A look at some recent commissions! Things are starting to pick up around here… and once school starts up again, it’s going to be all-out chaos!

Some new pictures I did today while hanging out with my in-laws!

Having fun with this good gouache! Excite for what’s ahead! :)

A look at a few new paintings I’ve done while exploring the Dallas area. I’ve been to several shopping hubs and enjoyed playing with watercolors and gold gouache while at the nearest Starbucks. The scans aren’t the greatest, but enjoy all the same!

A new logo I drew up for my new blog on Blogspot! You can check it out here: http://evaduplanart.blogspot.com/

Summer’s almost over! Are you ready?